Friday, October 28, 2011

Taking chances, meeting new folks

Hi, we're back!
Sorry about the slowness of putting up blogs, I'm not quite used to this yet. it takes time! haha 
Todays blog is going to be about chance. Going into this project was a chance that Guy and I were/are absolutely willing to take. We've both been in many bands in our lifetimes, but this one has really stuck out for both of us, and we really feel the need to pursue it. It's exciting because to be so confident in a band feels like we've already "made it". I know personally, I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to record an album with my best friend, and we were mainly given this chance by our friend Nathan Zoob, who took a chance on us and wrote tons of newsletters and got us a meeting with Dave Hidek. Both Zoob and Dave have become part of the Broken Fences family, a family that will only get larger as time progresses. 
Working with Dave has been a very enjoyable experience. He's extremely knowledgeable, with Pro Tools, and with drum beats among other things. Not to mention, PATIENT. haha Every artist needs someone whos patient with them so the music can be created, and we are lucky enough to have such a person. All the chances that we have taken so far have proven to be well taken. 
Sitting in front of the mics was a chance on, could we really do this? it's intimidating being behind 50 thousand mics....well more like 6 or 7 as you can see in the photos, but none the less, it's intimidating! You feel the need to be perfect, because we just want the best record that we can make at this point in our lives and at this point in the Broken Fences career. I would love to say that we sounded perfect and flawless as we recorded our vocals, but in truth, there were mistakes, there were times that I personally need to take a break just from feeling worn out from singing or not feeling the song at that moment. But we got them out. We still have about two or three more songs to do vocals on, so on those days, plenty of rest the night before and a good meal the day of. But Guy if you are reading this, promise me you won't let me get so anal this time? (with my thousands of tea bags and constant need for hot water and 5 million naps or clearing my throat like there's no tomorrow, hells beast.) :)
What I'm trying to say though is that chance is everything to us right now and will be for the rest of this career, but I will try to keep a positive mood that we will take great chances and have great results.,

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