Thursday, October 13, 2011

The First Day

Hello :)

Our first day. Nerves (mostly from me), excitement, not sure what we were going to work on exactly. The long drive there (which seems to be getting shorter and shorter the more we go there haha) was filled with music and talk, and finally we pulled into the parking lot of Treelady Studios. Getting our stuff together, we made our way inside to start the record. :)

Once inside, we decided that I would start the process and days work with my guitar parts. Guitar ready to go, sat down to get familiar with the tuner we would soon create a love & hate relationship with. For some reason the tuner refused to acknowledge the high E string, but moving on to better things! 

Little did I know that the setting up of the sound of my guitar would take hours. Just trying to keep in mind that it was completely worth it, I played constantly while Dave Hidek, our sound engineer/co-producer, turned knobs, clicked a million buttons on the screen, moved mics a fraction of an inch a handful of times, and recording bits and pieces of the guitar sound. Guy and Nathan Zoob sat reading, playing ping pong, ate, slept...well, maybe not slept, it didn't take that long.. 
Eventually, we were ready and set up and I started into the first song, Song For You. A song written about a lover who is needed and loved, about a lover who is not willing to let go because of silly set backs. 
A run through of the song a couple of times was all we needed to create a good take, and we moved on to five other songs, one after the other, played them a couple of times, to get good takes.  It felt good to finally be doing this, but it was alot more work than I had thought it would be. Playing guitar for fun for hours is extremely different than playing it for hours in a work situation. 
But still, the first day excitement had not left, even after when I was exhausted and just wanted a cup of tea and bed, we were glad that the recording of the record had finally begun.


  1. Cool! Nice to hear (read) from you! :)

  2. So glad this kicked off. Having good memories of our last experience of TreeLady. Who's doing your session work?