Friday, October 28, 2011


Since I'm mainly the one who's writing this blog, I see no problem in talking about my band mate Guy Russo. I met Guy a year ago (gosh, has it really been that long already?)  through Zoob. Guy and Zoob are the best of friends and occasionally sing together (You've most definitely probably heard them sing White Winter by Fleet Foxes). One day at a concert they were performing together, I saw guy, thought he looked alright, didn't think much hahaha (joking ) But afterwards, we all went to a bar with Zoob and our friends Tim Ruff and Mark Dignam. Guy and I hit it off instantly. Suddenly we were mainly just talking to each other and soon we decided that we should jam. so a couple of weeks later, I went over to his apartment and we learned two songs, The Beatles song, If I Fell (which we will be performing at the Beatles show November 11th at the Hard Rock Cafe) and Close Your Eyes by James Taylor. I knew that  we really had something going for us. It was so obvious, our voices  felt good together, we could keep up with each other in harmonies and tune. It just fit too well.  He told me to write a song for us to sing, so I sat down for all of two seconds (haha) and wrote our single "Wait"  (which you can listen to on From then on, we decided we should become a band. We came up with the name Broken Fences at a party at Treelady studios, little did we know that we would be recording there  months later. Mark Dignam was talking to us about creating a name for our band and how important a name is. I looked at Guy, and bear with me cause I'm probably going to toot my own horn here, and  thought about how different we were, we both come from very different backgrounds, we were brought up in very different ways and in very different parts of the East Coast. But with all those differences, we had broken down this wall and connected in the way outcasts connect, therefore becoming Broken Fences (cause Broken Walls doesn't sound as good, don't you think?)  So there you have it, the beginnings of Broken Fences. But to talk about Guy,  is simply and I'm sorry but I have to  say, a miracle.   I have ever connected with someone on so many levels and with music as I do with Guy. He himself is patient with me and willing to put up with anything because he knows that our band is  something special that we share. No one could ask for a better friend or a better band mate.  It's funny how life works ha. Anyway, I'm so sorry for being the corniest thing on the block right now, but everyday I seriously feel so grateful to have him in my life.

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