Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's been awhile....

...since I've posted. Right now, things are a bit slow. Were done with all of the tracks, except for the string parts and a certain sax.  The 19th, strings will happen and hopefully the sax will happen soon. No one ever said that this process was quick, I just wish it were more constant. Being away from the album makes it feel like it's not happening at all, but it is. In the meantime, we are planning the cd release party, thinking about touring, and playing a few shows here and there. Our next show is December 23rd, at Arsenal Cider House.  We will get paid in a jug of wine.

In other news, our single "Wait" is played in an episode of Flashpoint which airs on ION and on CBS in the summer. Here is a link to the clip so you can watch it:


That in of itself, was an awesome experience. Guy and I were sitting on the couch, and he pressed play. When we heard our song fade into the scene, it was pure magic. and a bit surreal. It almost seems like it didn't happen. Which is crazy I know.  I hope I dont go in to denial further and further as we get bigger and bigger haha

Soon we'll be in the editing and mixing part of the album and all things will feel better. Just hold tight, I know I am.

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