Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dinner of the Broken

I might be referring to my extreme lack of money, which I know I think about too much about and Guy has said that I need to stop. But I am also referring to the fact that this Broken Fence loves to cook. I know this is not talking about music, but at the moment, I am so hungry and being broke doesn't help that fact. For Christmas, Guy bought me a beautiful cook book for Vegetarians. I fell in love. It has the most amazing pictures and the instructions are easy to follow. So far though, I have only made one dish, Stuffed Peppers.  And then I lost my job and stopped making anything. But now with a new part time job and a need to start cooking again, I will pick out a new recipe to make. Maybe I should make the lovely lasagna, or the teriyaki noodle dish which looks amazing from the photo. Thing about cooking from a cook book though, is that it will not always look like the photo. I mean, come on, how many times did they have to make the damn dish to make it look that perfect. But you know what, it comes out looking pretty close, and tastes just the way it's supposed to. I'm looking forward to cooking dinner for us soon, I'll let you know what I make :)

Off to drink tea


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