Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Year

Hello again,

I'm am writing to you from an amtrak train on its way to New York City. At the same time, Guy is on a plane back Pittsburgh, coming from Texas. It's silly that I am leaving just as he is getting back, but it was the only time that I could find to take time off and visit my family. We've made a deal though, when I get back to Pittsburgh on Thursday, Broken Fences is going to "turn it up a notch" as Guy said in a lovely text. It is true that things have been slow on the Broken Fences front, and that hasn't felt good. So after this much needed vacation, I am diving into ambition for finishing the album, and no longer falling asleep in the studio on Dave's couch, and I'm sure Guy will do the same, though he never falls asleep there.
Speaking of the album, right now we are in the process of editing. It's sounding amazing so far, I can't wait till we can show it off. But all in due time. Guy and I are also in the process of finding a place to hold the release party in the Spring, which you will all be informed about, as we would like to make it a great big event.

Well I'm off to watch another movie and perhaps Guy is too.

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